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"Livin' Wide" by Ric Glass

Plus an additional six unreleased cuts!

A Little Background…

This collection of songs is the result of a collaboration between Tom Dolvin, Betsy Tyson and me. All lyrics were written by Tom and Betsy. All music was composed, performed, recorded and mixed by me, with the exception of a few guitar solos by my brother Jim Glass and my good friend Richard Rossano.

This project was inspired for the most part by the great times and refreshingly crazy atmosphere we found at a little spot in Hobe Sound called Harry & the Natives.

From time to time I get a call or email asking whether I still have a few copies of the CD left over. I'm down to my last sealed copy, so I decided to put the entire collection online so that anyone interested in a little step back in time could listen or download as they please.

I recorded six more after the CD was finished, and they appear in the list as tracks 12 through 17. We had a lot of fun with this music… Please enjoy!

• Guitar solos & fills on tracks 4, 5, 10: Jim Glass
• Guitar solo on track 16: Richard Rossano
All songs ©1998, 1999 Dolvin Safe Tunes, BMI
We miss you Danny Floyd

Released 1998

©2011 Ric Glass